Un Mundo Sano

Who Are We?


Un Mundo Sano is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization who is focused on serving the general public as a source of information and education on how to live a vegan lifestyle and the great benefits that come with this lifestyle.

What We Do?


Un Mundo Sano is a bilingual English/Spanish organization who focuses in doing educational outreach events in low-mid income and Spanish speaking communities. Our goal is to normalize veganism in communities who believe a healthy lifestyle is a privilege to certain “groups” of people and introduce the reality that veganism is for EVERYONE by organizing events that focus on animal rights, health and the environment. The organized events for those who are interested are:


  • Guided grocery shopping trips.

  • Cooking demonstrations.

  • Presentations/Speeches.

  • Luvin Arms Sanctuary Spanish speaking tours.

  • Leafleting.

  • Free vegan food sample outreach.

  • Organized events with influential vegan speakers.

  • Documentary Screenings

Community Support Events:

  • Luvin Arms Sanctuary volunteer work days.

  • Potlucks.

  • Community park Vegan bbq’s/picnics.

  • Work Out session.

  • Spring/Summer group hiking trips.

  • Provide vegan meals to the homeless.

To Raise Funds:

  • Salsa Dance class.

  • Bachata Dance class.

  • Vegan cake sale.

  • Music/Entertainment events.

  • Yard sales

  • Un Mundo Sano t-shirt sales

How Can You Help?


  • Donate

    • Your donation will help us fund things like our educational and community support events, create and maintain a well and rich content website, fund our own English/Spanish informational materials such as brochures, flyers, posters, banners, stickers etc. Change the world!

  • Volunteer

  • Share/Attend our events

  • Like/Follow us on social media

  • Invite family/friends to our events

Who Are The Organizers?


            Carla Urquidi (President)


            Christian Beltran (Vice President)


            Martha Urquidi  (Secretary)


As organizers of Un Mundo Sano our mission is to provide as much guidance, help and support to those who are interested in a vegan lifestyle, whether they want to go vegan for the animals, their health or the environment, we want to help as much as we possibly can. We are focused in making compassionate and sustainable changes we wish to see in this world and live by example. Outside of our full-time jobs and Un Mundo Sano you will find us caring and providing care in our homes to over 15 rescued animals (dogs, cats, turtles, guinea pigs, bunnies), rescuing, rehabbing and fostering cats, dogs, and others in need, helping and assisting injured wild animals, providing vet care, spay and neuter to community stray cats, volunteering at Luvin Arms Sanctuary. We attend slaughterhouse vigils, animal rights marches, protests, outreach and educational events throughout the country. We write and post informational post on social media, we leaflet college campuses, churches and public events.


Our goal is to invest more of our time and energy creating a more compassionate world for everyone and that is why we have created Un Mundo Sano.

Denver, CO, USA

Our t-shirt designs may not be distributed, reproduced or modified, in whole or in part without the prior written consent of an authorized member of UN MUNDO SANO.

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